Canadian Champion Kaska Autumncolors Serendipity aka Sherlock

Canadian Champion Autumncolors Black Forest aka Piper


Canadian Champion Autumncolors Aerden's praying for peace aka Alli

AUTUMNCOLORS is proud to annouce that our girl Aerden’s Praying for Peace aka Allie won WB/BOW at the Canadian English Setter Nationals today under Judge James Covey who reconaized Allie potential.

CANADIAN CHAMPION Autumncolors Luckysheray Full Moon-Skyler


Canadien Champion Autumncolors Set'r Ridge's Pastel Shine


Canadian champion
Autumncolors Celeste Shine


Canadian champion
Confettis Magic Autumncolors

Canadian champion
Fairray Temper

Championne Canadienne
Set'r Ridge's Believe in Hope ( Daphne )

Others Autumncolors champions...

Autumncolors Confettis Charmer

Autumncolors Confettis Desiree


Championne Autumncolors Nova Confettis

Here is my Daphne's girl a new Canadien Champion, 10 months old , her father is "Valentin" from Confettis., beautiful "team work" which resulted in a Canadian Champion in one weekend.

At the English Setter National Canadian Club le 25 August 2018 ,
Autumncolors Nova Confettis aka 'Brindille' was recognized as
Best Puppy of the year 2017 in Canada .







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