AUTUMN COLORS breeding is a small family kennel located in the countryside of Mirabel, Quebec.

Having spent my childhood in Europe at a very young age, I developed a great passion for animals. To the displeasure of my parents; I always had a dog at home. Dogs have always occupied a large place in my heart.

After emigrating to North America, my love of dogs has remained intact and exploded like a lighning strike after having acquired "Autumn" our first english setter in 2001.

It is at this point that a new challenge began hencebecoming a english setter dog breeder.

This majestic breed inherits great elegance, energy and intelligence, it's a "people-loving" dog appreciated by families due to this gentle temperament and jovial attitude with children. As many dogs are, it's a loyal and patient friend...all attributes to be drawn to.

My many attempts have turned me to Europe and the USA to obtain the missing pieces to my puzzle and hence my new additions have arrived from the "old " continent and the “new” thus bringing "new blood“ to Quebec for this breed.

My goal is to produce top level english setters respecting the breed standard.

The english setter is enjoyed as well by the hunting community, its beauty, agility and poise when hunting game is remarkable. My future puppies will be raised with all the tender loving care I posses. This outbringing and special attention make the pups grow into excellent companions.

Today, the english setter is a part of my life bringing me great joy and happiness everyday. I am sure it will bring the same to your household.

I presently participate in the dog shows and conformity exhibitions. All my dogs will have to pass a health test in order to avoid any genetic problems before being passed on to the new owners. 

As reproduction is limited, I thus work on a "first-come-first-served" basis. Being the first on the list will allow the interested new owner to choose and select his loving pup. 


Thru these dogs, I hope to convey to , the future new owner, some of my passion for this glorious breed which is the "English Setter".

Violetta Workert
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada



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